Kolkata Navaratri Trip

A small insight of the Artwork and the different Devi form celebrated in Kolkata 2016, photo gives you an insight of how much enriched we are in the context of art, culture and theme created.
Though navratri is celebrated in all ov er India, its celebrated as Durga puja in West Bengal. The most famous festival celebrated with great joy and pride, especially in kolkata from 6th to 10th Day. Whole city , every nook and corner is decorated with light. Lights of different styles, colors, shapes, shining and increasing the energy of people in kolkata. The huge idol of Durga Maa in the pandals are decorated based on various theme. These pandals are opened after 6th Day of Navratri where the women perform sindoor khela that is applying red color powder on each other cheeks thus showing their happiness as the durga idols are brougth in the pandals. The idol is then decorated with flowers, clothes, jewellery, red vermillion and various sweets are kept in front on the Goddess. The idol of the Goddess is accompanied by the idol of Lord Ganesh. Goddess Durga is considered to be Lord Shiva’s wife Parvati’s avatar and thus mother of Lord Ganesh and his brother Kartikeya. During navratri, Dhaks are played by Dhaki and Dhunuchi dances are performed. Bhog is served to all guests.

morning bath
On the 7th Day of Navratri called the Sapthami, comes the Kola Bau Bath, where a small banana plant called Kola Bou is taken to the river to be bathed in the very early morning, it is decorated and dressed in a sari and carried back in a procession to be placed near the idol of the Goddess. The procession includes pandits, peoples and dhak playing dhaki. Dhak is a Drum decorated in the different manner and dhaki is the drummer which plays it in a rhythic manner. This is then followed by ritualistic prayers and puja, that will take place for all the remaining days of the festival.
On the 8th Day, Ashtami, popularly known as Durga Ashtami, where ritualistic prayers and puja is done. The day starts with Pushpanjali where everyone gathers and offer flowers to Goddess Durga.
The 9th day, navami is again followed by ritualistic puja and prayers of differnt kind.
On 10th day, known as Vijaya Dashami, that fills everyones heart with sadness, as it is the last day of Durga Puja. On this day, married women wearing tradional saree with red and white combination in the tradional way, gather at the Puja pandals and smear each other with sindoor by playing with colours as we do in Holi. This marks the farewell of Goddess Durga. The street of kolkata is filled with devotes taking durga maa idols to immerse it into the river. Everyone exchange sweet and meet their loved ones thus celebrating the last day of navratri

Thai Buddhist Temple Pandal

25 Palli puja committee has used a similar approach by modelling their pandal on a Thai Buddhist temple. Basing the theme on the idea of heaven and hell, organisers said while the hell represents conflict, the Thai temple represents peaceful heaven.
chinese themed durga idol 3chinese themed durga idol 1chinese themed durga idol 2chinese themed durga idol 4

Helping Hand

worker durga 1worker durga 2

Dum Dum Park Bharat Chakra Pandal

The idol placed inside the pandal at the puja organised by the Dum Dum Park Bharat Chakra. This pandal have portrayed the popular art work of Filigree Handicrafts of Karimnagar. The metal and silver threads have been bent and moulded to develop all structures in the premises.

Trendy Themes

If one wants to get away from trendy themes and enjoy the true festive flavours, then Bagbazar's puja pandal is your place. Situated near the bank of the river, you can experience all the historial things at one go, from trams to old Calcutta building, this place has it all.

Colourful Woolen Threads Themed Pandal

Artist used more than 30,000 nails and colourful woolen threads, enamel paints, nails, transparent lacquer on plywood to make the pandal. Devi Durga's yarn art used at the entrance of the pandal is about 50ft tall.

Durga Puja pandal made of scrap

Several Durga Puja committees made their best bid to beautify their pandals. To stand out among others, the committee has created a marquee made of metal chains, tyres, crane hooks etc.

Rakht Beej Themed Durga Pandal and Idol

With over humdred heads and many hanging trishuls the the inside of the pandal is mesmerising.
The battle between Raktabija and the Devi. Durga charged again and again; Raktabija's blood spilled everywhere. From each drop of blood a thousand more demons like him sprang up. Full armies arose from the puddles of Raktabija's blood. Demons advanced on the goddess by the thousands. They rode on elephants and horse drawn chariots. They laughed and shouted at the goddess' dilemma. for more ... RakhtBeej and Durga story

DHAK : "Durga Puja does not assume the festive aura without the maddening beats of the dhak"

The dhak (Bengali: ঢাক) is a huge membranophone instrument from South Asia. The shapes differ from the almost cylindrical to the barrel. The manner of stretching the hide over the mouths and lacing also varies. It suspended from the neck, tied to the waist and kept on the lap or the ground, and usually played with wooden sticks. The left side is coated to give it a heavier sound Dhak Wiki

Bangalan in Traditional Saari

West Bengal climate is hot and humid thus the saris are made up of such a material which gives comfort to its wearer. The most famous are Bengali Cotton Saris, which are famously known as Taant. The Saris which is worn by Bengali ladies are colorful and vibrant and for every occasion, there is a special sari!


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