Working on community driven Online E-Commerce Portal!

Why community-driven?

I feel community-driven business is really good to start with where you don't have to worry about building an in-house team of experts. It is like outsourcing someone to do the work and give them loyalty. Building a kind of online artist community, sell their arts and give them loyalty.

What is the name?

ArtSeptor: A community for artist
The name came after Loki's Septor. 

Technology Stack

Python/Django and there is a really very good eCommerce package written in Python/Django called Django-Shuup! It's quite active in terms of development and I've already tested the feature and I feel it's easy to set up and ready to use.

Launch Date and Hiring Developer

Open to talk to contributors and YES, we are about to launch the portal in October 2019.
Contributors can only join if the idea excites you!


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